A day as an Estate Agent

A day as an Estate Agent

My alarm rang at 8 am and I jolt myself up before reaching my hands lazily for my phone. One hand rubbing my eyes, I lazily scrolled through my email and WhatsApp to see what I'd missed during my slumber.

"Ah a new lead!", I thought to myself before typing away to introduce myself via text. I'll make a point to reach out to connect via a phone call during the afternoon. I dropped the text with a basic introduction together with a simple write up of the project.

A cooling shower always helps to kick start my engine, as I stood below and let the water force me awake. I slowly adjusted the temperature warmer, as I took this transition to get more comfortable in the showers.

I got dressed, bread in one hand, phone in another, I continue scrolling between apps, multitasking between texting, and reading as I get myself caught up with the news, while planning what I have later in the day. I checked my Google Calender before grabbing my helmet before waving goodbye to my family.

My wife's waiting for me by the carpark, a humble PCX Scooter which stood by me during rain or shine as we waltz through the horrendous traffic of Singapore. I'm not a fan of risk-taking so I'll mostly queue up right by the traffic, but that doesn't keep reckless drivers from messing with the traffic. Cutting in lanes without signals, last-minute turns, and trying to overtake just right beside you, the list just goes down to many.

Thank God, I reached my office safely as I took a corner before heading up towards the multistorey carpark. I looked at my watch and decided to pop by the book drop at the side of Bishan Library to see if there's any book that I can pick up before heading towards the office. The security guard has known me by now as I flashed my trace together app while he gestured me towards the lift lobby. I nodded at him and smile as I walked into the lift that opened readily for me. Sometimes I'll get to take the lift alone, other times I'll stumble unfamiliar colleagues where my awkwardness tends to take over.

*ding* Level 5.

I head out towards the Learning Hub where I'll get seated for my morning training. Or sometimes you'll find me on the other side of the office if we'd got team training. The new unfamiliar terms always took me by surprise, rendering me down a google rabbit hole to get myself on track. I take down notes after notes, filling up my discord with what I'd learn that day.
2 hours fly like the intensive lecture right before finals and we'll all head down for lunch.

Lunch is as mundane as you might think. We won't even deviate much from the topics that we'd talk about. It'll be and mostly is real estate chatter. From Don't dos and please Dos, I constantly take down mental notes of hypothetical situations and how should I responded then.

Training would either resume or it'll be OTOT by the time we're done with lunch at 1 PM, we would either go back to our designated seats or if training is over the ones who have planned would leave, or we would stay in the office to work. Taking up the private cubicle, we'll literally bury our head down into our laptop/iPad as we write away to clients, do planning, create content or simply just get our ads out.

I'll mostly continue working/training all the way until 4/5 where we will get a short break, before relaxing and winding down for... MORE WORK. Yep. During the evening, it's usually appointment time at the showflat or if not I'll either stay at the office for telemarketing or door knocking. This time block will occur from 7-10 pm before we debrief and head on home.

I'll usually reach home exhausted, still following up with clients. My family would sometimes be asleep, or I'll run into my parents retreating into slumber. I'll greet them, usually with a tired nod before slowly dragging my feet into the showers. I'll usually be doing reports for clients after. And after that, I'll go to bed, knowing that I'd done my best for the day and I'll repeat my routine again.

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