Selling Your Property

Congratulations Home Owners, 

be it elevating your lifestyle, cashing out, upgrading to a bigger unit or downgrading to fully paid for your next one, you're the ones who are looking to realized the financial appreciation of your property. Sure it must have been tons of ups and down, but you're here to make a move for the next phase of life, and I'll be here to assist you, making sure that you get to exit at the best possible price in the current market condition.

Representing you the sellers, the seller's agent hat would take on the honor to price your property, aiming for the best transacted price while looking and shortlisting for potential buyers that fits the bill. 

My Services are, but not limited to:

  • Finding out a good and favorable value to price your property
  • coordinate and conduct viewings
  • Negotiating prices with the buyer agent, to reach to a reasonable agreement
  • Extensive marketing of the unit, using digital and video marketing
  • Ensures that all necessary paperwork and procedures are done so transaction can go seamlessly

Service Charge:

Market Rate @ 2% commission + GST