Healing isn't easy, but giving up is

Healing isn't easy, but giving up is

Finally, after a huge roller coaster ride, I finally finished my MAP. It was a weird and tough journey, as I have to miss and give up lots of training and opportunities during this time. I'm still thankful for my team for being here, lending me all the support that I need; mostly emotional ones.

It wasn't easy to go back out in the feel, walking around on crutches, bringing and meeting clients still, as they gave you a look of sympathy and asked about what happened. It wasn't easy to go through the accident over and over again as I retell my stories to different people, but with each reiteration, I grew stronger.

I worked harder on physio, decided to grow this website, creating content all around, writing my own calculators, meeting potential home buyers and following up till this day. I might not have the best body, opportunity, and resources, but I'm doing what I can. Leads don't come by easy and I don't have the luxury to do paid marketing; thus I'm out hyping, doing door knocks, and giving out flyers. I kept telling myself that despite the cards I'm dealt, there's still only one direction I'll want to go; which is straight-up. It was worse when I have to pay for my family home loan as my parents could no longer work, and I have to foot my own medical bills (pun intended). But nevertheless I'm still working hard in growing my passion projects, including this one.

It wasn't easy, to lose clients over numerous resale cases as well, or even new launches, to hear them buying from someone else, to hear them rather go through with someone who drives, or someone who's not walking on crutches; who are more abled body. Throughout this journey, I also felt an immense sense of abandonment that left me feeling down, as I question my ability as a realtor, over and over. I was even told by one, that he's just here because he didn't want to "waste his realtor friend's time", and he'll just view and buy from his friend so I don't have to waste my time to sell him anything. Words like these hit hard, but broken promises hit harder as I bought one and their family around, with them repeatedly saying they'll go through me but only to have some of them purchasing behind me, which I found out after they replied to me after a long barrage of blue ticks.

It was then, where I find myself, or perhaps part of myself and where my niche could be. The ones who appreciate my write-up, who respects my narrative and who share the same passions as I do, who like to see the world, and who believe in experience more than materials. The patient and humble ones who don't mind me taking extra time down the stairs, or not driving during viewings.

There are so many stories and thoughts beyond what I could summarise in this write-up, the mental roller coasters, the excruciating pain of bending my knees, and the looks of people staring down at the scar that runs across my whole knee cap. It was a tough journey, and I think I'm still nowhere near the end; I'm just getting started, I'm still meeting clients, still doing physio, still going for therapy. But I'm not going to just stop right here; Healing isn't easy, but giving up is.
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