My Accident while being a Realtor

My Accident while being a Realtor

Accident during real

Firstly, thank you for reading this. It wasn’t easy having the courage to write this as I’m still currently getting treated for my PTSD. The trauma of my accident still haunts me every single day.

I still remember it vividly;
I was turning on the green arrow, queueing behind 2 other vehicles when a lorry going at quite a speed ran into me. I swerved, in an attempt to dodge, but I could feel the right side of my body numbed, as I lay there, bleeding, leg shattered, and on the verge of death.

I have been marketing on quite afew projects but to no avail despite numerous meet-up sessions. I worked every day, waking up at 8 am, and not coming back until 11 pm or midnight. I started my day training or at the showflat, before going for door-knocking in the evening, then going for dinner after only at 10 pm while I rush doing reports for clients until the wee hours before falling into slumber.

It felt like when I was working as a delivery rider again, but another kind of hustle; the kind that could give my family a better life as my dad stopped working, and I asked my mum not to as well due to her body (she’d grown much weaker over the years). So it’s been me and my younger brother.

Maybe it was how the wrong stars aligned when I saw a clear in my schedule and decided to meet some of my friends for dinner and catch up. Everything was fine until we were going to head over to Hougang for Ice Cream. Until… I got run over… and what was supposed to be Ice Cream turned out to be months of surgeries and pain killers.

A million questions crossed my mind. I was just there, laying there, wondering what I did wrong. I was here trying to work hard, to hustle, to provide for my family and to be better… so why me? I was still wearing the Huttons polo tee, and I could see some of my real estate stuff over the floor. I could feel myself dying as my eyes were rolled up in the ambulance, my body pulsating and shivering, and I wanted to just let go of everything.

help hand

In the hospital, I went for operations after operations. I couldn’t do a lot of things, much less work. I have problem toileting myself, even basic movement. I was bedridden, and barely with the strength to heave myself up to eat. I watched the days pass, with even no mental strength to use the phone. I juggle between painkillers and antibiotics, with tubes going into my body, injecting medication of all sorts. Tubes and knives invade my body in all ways, tearing my already torn flesh, I lost myself in the void. It was dark, and I cried myself to sleep almost every night, wondering why am I still alive.

Recovering on Wheelchair

It took me a long while to get back on my feet again. It took me months to be able to take my first step, weeks after to start managing more than 10, hoping around with the cast. Amongst all the darkness; I gave received kindness from the universe, especially from family and friends, and life is indeed beautiful. From the wheelchair to crutches, to a single one then to limping… it was a long journey, a year and a half have passed and I’m still recovering; trying to battle the demons, the ghost, and worse still, the person and the company who ran me over. They didn’t submit/report the case at first, and it made things really difficult, and due to the nature of the case, I needed a lawyer to help me.

I share this write up with you; clients and prospects alike with whom I had reconnected after I got discharged. For some, we have missed crossing paths due to my inactivity, for some, we didn’t manage to deal due to the stars not aligning. And I'm sincerely sorry for not being able to be there to help.

I’m currently on a court case, in an attempt to plead my case and get some reimbursement and compensation for pain and suffering; and one of the segments might require me to ask clients about potential missed deals for help. Due to the nature of the job, the best way to go about this is to get clients whom have missed any opportunity to purchase a property or had done so but not with me to help. (If you had made any transaction during 2021 March to 2021 October)

This would mean a lot, to be able to help, to just give me a “we could have”, and this alone could help me go a long way, to get a more fair and just sentence. And for those who wants to help, I would be more than happy to keep you in the loop as I'm documenting my journey to recovery.

Property aside, feel free to reach out if you’ll like to converse about (literally) anything; from mental health to arts, or even movies and books! 
And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ronnie Tan

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