So I joined Hutton's MAP Program

So I joined Hutton's MAP Program

For those who know me or who are on my Instagram story, you probably have heard of the fact that I'm currently now a realtor, so I decided to also do a writing about it. Mostly about my journey, my thoughts and feelings about this industry 

So in the gist of things, I'll like to sum up the things that we are required to do as a MAP participants:

  • You have to do this "full time"
  • you'll be expected to be hustling* 
  • your uplines and team would be checking on you 
  • you'll have to join 2 core teams
  • there would be showflat duties
  • attend curated trainings & meet ups

The curated trainings are amazing, tailor-made to get us started, from how we can put ourselves out there, how should we present ourselves, understanding the client needs, and how should we go about giving recommendations, getting familiar with the timeline, and the list of textbooks answers goes on for here. But this part would be the foundation that we should get familiar with; the admin cost required, the timeline of how buying and selling works, and how does a progressive payment system is like.

As a core team member, one thing that we'll have to do is to be able to "tag" a project; that is the industrial term to know the project like the back of our palm. We'll be there to assist walk-ins, or fellow agents if they would need someone to do a presentation on said project. Together with the "product knowledge", core team members are also expected to be doing showflat duties, which we would be there for the duration of the opening hours of the showflat to tend to prospects, and so forth. It's not too shabby; but there are showflats without wifi which makes it really hard for you to do work there if you're living on limited mobile data, or if you're wifi reliant like me.

Aside from that, there are also periodic meetups with the CEOs and curated trainings for fellow MAP members.

So with that, the qualified MAP agent would be receiving a SGD$1000 a month, which would be liable for a "clawback" after we close a deal. So for example, if we manage to close a deal on the 6th month, $6k that is paid to us would be given back to the company. So I kinda call it a "pre-commission".

All in all, the MAP sounds like an amazing way to help new agents kickstart their careers, even though the allowance would be "clawed back" upon your closing, it helped by not making you fork out any upfront marketing cost. Marketing for realtors can get really expensive, from $1-2k thereabouts if you're using paid digital market. 

I'm currently utilizing the "backpacker's" way of hustling, from door knocking to telemarketing and content creation. I hope that by using these methods, I'll push and challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone more, meet more people and also create more contents to provide value for my prospect; while keeping my cost low.

So fingers crossed with me getting'em deals coming ^_^

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