Case Study: Inheriting an HDB Flat while owning a Private Property

Case Study: Inheriting an HDB Flat while owning a Private Property

Question: Can I inherit my parent's HDB if I don't have a property in my name but my hubby has private property?

Answer: In this case study, we explore the intricacies of inheriting an HDB flat when the beneficiary doesn't have a property in their name, but their spouse owns a private property.

The Scenario

Meet Sarah, a beneficiary who is about to inherit her deceased parent's HDB flat. Sarah doesn't have any property in her name, but her husband, John, owns a private property. She's unsure about the rules and possibilities surrounding this situation. She turns to her trusted real estate advisor for guidance.

Understanding the Rules

Advisor (A): From my understanding, to inherit an HDB flat, all residential properties need to be disposed of within six months of the inheritance. Since you and your husband are married, both of your residential properties need to be disposed of within this six-month window after you inherit the HDB.

Sarah (S): That's clear, but I've heard there might be exceptions for HDB flats inherited before a certain date. Is that true?

A: You're correct. If the HDB flat was bought by your deceased parent before 30th August 2010, you might be allowed to keep both the inherited HDB flat and your husband's private property. However, there are conditions for this:

  1. Eligibility: You must be eligible to own an HDB flat.
  2. Residency: You and your family must reside in the inherited HDB flat.

S: What if the HDB flat was bought after 30th August 2010?

A: For HDB flats bought by your parent after that date, you can keep only one of the properties. If you choose to keep the inherited HDB, you and your family must live in it, and you should sell the private property within six months.

S: What if I prefer to keep the private property and sell the HDB flat?

A: In this case, if the minimum occupation period of the HDB flat has been completed, you can sell it within six months. If the minimum occupation period hasn't been completed, don't worry. HDB officers will assist you with the process.

Moving Forward

Sarah now has a clearer picture of the rules and options available to her. She knows that timing and eligibility play a significant role in her decision. She appreciates the guidance from her real estate advisor in navigating this complex process.

In conclusion, this case study highlights the importance of understanding the rules and conditions surrounding inheriting an HDB flat, especially when you or your spouse own other properties. It's a reminder that professional advice can make the process smoother and less daunting. If you find yourself in a similar situation, don't hesitate to seek expert guidance.

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