Case Study: Navigating HDB BTO Contra - Jane's Journey

Case Study: Navigating HDB BTO Contra - Jane's Journey

Jane, a spirited seller on the brink of collecting keys for her HDB BTO, found herself swirling in questions. Let's delve into her journey:

1. Does it mean once I sell this unit, no need to wait for the 3 weeks for CPF refund?

Answer: Absolutely, Jane! Once the deal is sealed, CPF refunds are swift โ€“ no waiting game.

2. So, can I snag the key to my BTO on the day of completion of the sale of my existing unit?

Answer: Not quite, Jane! Different departments are in play. Funds must be confirmed before the keys are yours.

3. How long can I delay the key collection to facilitate the sale, which will take at least 3-4 months to complete?

Answer: It's a bit subjective, Jane. For specifics, tap into the wisdom of HDB. Contact them around 1 week before key collection; they tend to fine-tune timelines.

4. I've crunched the numbers, but the grant is a grey area if I applied in 2017. Are the current grant regulations applicable or the rules then?

Answer: Ah, the grant labyrinth. Drop a note to HDB, Jane. They'll unveil the exact sum and rules โ€“ past or present.

5. The buyer for the existing resale flat can't use contra in this case, correct?

Answer: Spot on, Jane! Contra's a no-go in this scenario. Crystal clear.

6. For an extension of stay, where can I get a standard template for buyer and seller to sign?

Answer: Easy peasy, Jane! HDB's got your back. Visit their website for a downloadable template.

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