An Exciting Weekend of Previews: J'den and Hillock Green

An Exciting Weekend of Previews: J'den and Hillock Green

Singapore's real estate landscape is buzzing with excitement as two spectacular projects, J'den and Hillock Green, captivate the market. Here's a closer look at what makes these developments stand out:

J'den - The Epitome of Urban Living

  • Remarkable Turnout: J'den's public preview weekend drew a staggering 7,000 visitors, underlining the immense interest in private residential launches in Jurong Gateway, the core of Jurong Lake District.

  • Iconic Height: As the tallest residential tower in Jurong Lake District, J'den's 40-storey height sets it apart, offering breathtaking views and a unique living experience.

  • Prime Location: Nestled in the heart of Jurong Lake District, J'den offers access to a district primed for transformation into a thriving mixed-use business and sustainability hub.

  • Connectivity and Convenience: With four MRT lines serving the district and future extensions planned, J'den ensures easy access to the entire city.

  • Young Urbanite Appeal: The project's competitive pricing, with units starting from $2,100 per sq ft, has made it particularly appealing to young professionals.

Hillock Green - Affordable Luxury Beckons

  • Promising Preview: Hillock Green in Lentor Central attracted over 1,600 visitors during its first preview weekend, signaling strong interest in new private homes.

  • Affordable Luxury: With prices starting from $1,968 per sq ft, Hillock Green is anticipated to be one of the most cost-effective launches in 4Q2023.

  • Ideal Location: Situated within a private landed housing estate and close to renowned schools, Hillock Green offers convenience and an attractive tenant pool.

  • Eagerly Awaited: With a gap of 2.5 months in new project launches, homebuyers have been eagerly waiting for developments like Hillock Green, adding to the buzz around this project.


  • These projects, J'den and Hillock Green, have set the real estate market abuzz with their remarkable previews.

  • Whether you're looking for urban living at its finest or affordable luxury, these developments cater to diverse preferences.

  • As the market heats up, staying updated is crucial. Contact us to ensure you're well-informed about these exciting opportunities and to secure your spot in J'den or Hillock Green before they're gone!

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