Dazzling Success for J'den and Hillock Green in Weekend Launches

Dazzling Success for J'den and Hillock Green in Weekend Launches

In a vibrant weekend of property launches, J'den and Hillock Green emerged as standout performers, reflecting the robust demand for well-planned and strategically located developments in Singapore. Let's delve into the key highlights of these two projects:

J'den by CapitaLand Development:

  • Impressive Sales: Achieving an exceptional 88% sales on the launch day is a testament to J'den's allure.
  • Average Price Milestone: The average price of $2,451 per sq ft sets a new benchmark for the area.
  • Tallest Mixed-Use Tower: J'den is poised to become the tallest mixed-use development in Jurong Lake District, enhancing the skyline.
  • Location Attraction: Its location in Jurong Gateway, set to be the second CBD, drew significant attention.
  • Varied Unit Sizes: Ranging from 527 sq ft for one-bedroom units to 1,485 sq ft for four-bedroom units, catering to diverse preferences.
  • Strong Investor Interest: Investors were captivated by the project's potential, echoing the success of previous developments like J Gateway.

Hillock Green at Lentor Central:

  • Solid Sales Performance: Hillock Green achieved a commendable 27.6% sales on its launch day, reflecting buyer confidence.
  • Strategic Location: Being next to the MRT station and a mall contributed to the success, underlining the importance of location attributes.
  • Diverse Buyer Profiles: A healthy mix of upgraders, first-time homebuyers, and investors from various parts of Singapore.
  • Favorable Price Point: With an average price of $2,108 per sq ft, Hillock Green positioned itself attractively in the market.
  • High Conversion Rate: The 48% conversion rate from cheque collection showcases strong buyer commitment.
  • Lentor's Growing Appeal: The success aligns with the growing popularity of the Lentor precinct, marked by the sales performance of prior launches.

Combined Highlights:

  • Weekend Triumph: Both projects, J'den and Hillock Green, achieved substantial sales over the launch weekend, reflecting the vibrancy in the market.
  • Diverse Buyer Base: The projects appealed to a diverse range of buyers, including locals and permanent residents, contributing to their success.
  • Investor Confidence: Strong interest from investors indicates confidence in the future value and returns of these properties.
  • Strategic Locations: The strategic positioning of J'den in Jurong Gateway and Hillock Green in Lentor adds to their allure.
  • Growing Northeast Appeal: The Northeast region, including locations like Lentor, continues to draw attention from homebuyers and investors.
  • Positive Market Signal: These launches signal a healthy demand for well-positioned projects, defying any notion of market slowdown.

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