Singapore's Global Competitiveness

Singapore's Global Competitiveness

Therefore it is no surprise that wealthy foreigners invest in Singapore. Standing 3rd in the global competitiveness ranking, we have gotten quite a number of things right. From creating a good economical environment where the government maintain some sort of control (in regards to the housing market), and which properties in Singapore are seen as a safe haven in some and also a way to hedge against investment.

It might not be the best instrument in terms of investment in terms of ROI if you crunch the figures, however, it is a good and safe vehicle to appreciate your asset in a stable manner. No matter how choppy the market might seem, the Singapore property market seems much more stable compared to the rest.

It is also through this report we also understand that what Singapore is lacking, such as 'societal framework', which also spells alot about our mental health in the local environment. That might also translate to how many of us here are into retail therapy or even seeking to buy properties that promote lifestyle.

At the end of the day, the keyword lifestyle often sets off a light bulb in our head, as if telling us that it is our way to be happier.

Emotions aside, the government does always keep a close eye on our property market, and with the masterplans of decades being laid out, our properties are in pretty safe hands.

Feel free to reach out if you'll like to share your thoughts or to learn more about the availability of properties as an investment.

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