To the future homeowners who are not ready

To the future homeowners who are not ready

This is an open letter to address future homeowners who are not ready. I just want to say it’s okay to be not.

Be it cynicism or scepticism, your objections are all valid. There are just so many grounds to argue on and sometimes we are just not in the right headspace to own a property. A property is not just a big-ticket item and it could be a big headache as well.

From potential COVs that are looking to break your piggy banks or rising home prices that would make you sweat at bills every month, owning a property is ultimately a huge phase of adulting. And not all of us are ready.

As the Chinese saying goes “yang jia” or to “rear a house”, it is akin to having your very own baby with its monthly upkeep cost a consideration. So it is not unfair to say that having a house is as big, literally or financially.

So it’s okay to take a breather to think about it.

I know sometimes agents could be naggy, flooding you with deals like your relative who used to ask you why you haven’t gotten a partner at this age during Chinese New Year. The ones who used to compare with your cousin who made you feel like an unnecessary competition.

This is more than a huge leap, compared to going for that driving lesson or booking a ticket out to a city you’d never been to. But know that deep inside your heart beats to the sounds of triumph, not anxiety. Know that you are going to make a move that would bear you fruits, that it is going to be a seed that you’ll be planting. Be it the great oak tree of legacy or that rubber plantation that you’re going to juice and harvest, you’re definitely buying into more than just a roof over your head. Your future, your lifestyle, your opportunity for growth.

While this could be a hard leap to take when we are all afraid of the unknown, but sometimes we have to jump over that valley to get to the other side where the green pastures are, and sometimes all it takes is that leap.
While we can’t choose the gender of our future children, we can instead choose the space that we want to grow and settled in.

So choose something that speaks to your soul. The place where you want to set roots (at least temporary) or the place where you’ll like to come home to every day. I can’t stand to emphasise enough that our weary soul needs a good nest to rest. Be it in the embrace of our loved ones or under the roof of a place where we are happy in.

It’s like how they say you should work in a space that you’re happy in, if not you should quit. Though you could throw your resignation letter at your boss's face, you can only sell your property after 5 years. So make sure you make that decision wisely. And once you’re ready, I assure you… that your heart will know.

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