About HDB's New Open-Concept ‘White Flats’ in Kallang-Whampoa

About HDB's New Open-Concept ‘White Flats’ in Kallang-Whampoa

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) is set to introduce an innovative housing concept with the launch of "white flats" in the upcoming Build-To-Order (BTO) project in Kallang-Whampoa. These flats, designed without partitions and beams, offer an open-concept living space that allows homeowners to customize their interiors to suit their needs and preferences. This new initiative is part of HDB's continuous efforts to respond to the evolving demands of Singaporean home seekers.

Question: What are White Flats?

Answer: White flats are a new type of HDB unit that will be offered without internal partition walls or beams. This open-concept design provides homeowners with a blank canvas to design and personalize their living spaces according to their needs and preferences. These flats will be piloted in the Kallang-Whampoa BTO project, which will be launched in October, and will include 80 three-room units and 230 four-room flats.

Question: Who Might Benefit from White Flats?

Answer: According to National Development Minister Desmond Lee, these flats may appeal to young couples and families with young children. The open layout allows for an expansive play area, and as family needs evolve, the space can be reconfigured to include more defined living areas or additional bedrooms.

Question: How Does the Pricing Work?

Answer: The pricing for white flats will take into account the non-provision of internal partition walls, making them potentially more cost-effective compared to standard units. However, final pricing details are still being finalized by HDB.

Question: Are There Financial Support Measures for Young Homebuyers?

Answer: Yes, Mr. Lee also highlighted several financial support measures for young Singaporeans. For instance, the upfront down payment for eligible couples under the deferred income assessment will be reduced to 2.5% of the flat price from the previous 5%, as part of the Staggered Downpayment Scheme starting from the June BTO sales exercise.


  • Introduction of White Flats: New open-concept flats without partitions, piloted in Kallang-Whampoa.
  • Flexibility for Homeowners: Allows customization of living spaces to meet evolving needs.
  • Appeal to Young Families: Ideal for couples with young children who desire open play areas.
  • Cost Considerations: Potential cost savings due to the absence of partition walls.
  • Financial Measures: Reduced upfront down payment for young couples under the Staggered Downpayment Scheme.
  • Project Details: Includes 80 three-room and 230 four-room units near Lavender MRT station.


The introduction of white flats by HDB signifies a progressive step towards catering to the diverse and changing needs of Singaporean families. By offering a flexible layout, HDB acknowledges the importance of adaptable living spaces in modern urban living. This initiative also reflects a broader trend of personalized home design, allowing residents to create environments that best suit their lifestyles. Moreover, the financial support measures indicate a continued commitment to making homeownership affordable and accessible, particularly for young families.

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