Can advise me on sell Resale then collect key for BTO?

Can advise me on sell Resale then collect key for BTO?

This is from a prospect that I met who didn't know that the current property should be sold before collecting keys (if sales/cash proceeds is needed to pay for the next property). It is possible to collect the key first however would need to pay off fully for the next property.

I understand your goal of selling your resale property and managing your timeline effectively to take possession of your newly BTO keys within approximately 6 months. To facilitate this process, I would like to propose the following options:

  1. Sell Resale Property with 3 Months Extension: We can actively market and sell your resale property while negotiating with potential buyers to request a 3-month extension for completion. This will provide you with more time to secure a suitable buyer and ensure a smooth transition to your new BTO.

  2. Sell First and Take Temporary Housing Loan: Upon accepting an offer for your resale property, we can assist you in arranging a temporary housing loan. This will allow you to move into temporary accommodation while waiting for the completion of your BTO. By taking this route, you may be able to obtain the keys to your BTO 2-4 weeks earlier than the official completion date.

  3. Pay Off BTO with CPF and Cash, then Sell HDB at Your Own Pace: Another option is to utilize your CPF savings and cash to fully pay off your BTO unit. This will enable you to take your time and sell your HDB resale property at a pace that suits you. Once your resale property is sold, you can proceed with the key collection for your BTO.

I will work closely with you to evaluate these options based on your specific circumstances and preferences. By understanding your timeline, financial goals, and market conditions, we can determine the most suitable approach to ensure a seamless transition from your resale property to your new BTO.

Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss further and clarify any queries you may have. Together, we will navigate the process efficiently and achieve your desired timeline.

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