Do I need a buyer agent for private condo

Do I need a buyer agent for private condo

  • Making arrangements for viewings
  • Helping you to shortlist projects
  • Doing calculations
  • Settling monies and loan issues
  • Make sure the paperwork is seamless
  • Negotiating for the best (fair) price
  • Using paid platforms to do a property valuation for negotiation

All of it on the house.
How would you like that?

Engaging a buyer agent for the private condo is actually way more than advantageous because of how the industry practice is. With the seller side covering commission with the seller and buyer agent (during cobroke), this would mean that the buyer would always have the luxury of shopping without worrying about extra commission payment.

While the service we offered isn’t exactly free, it’s just not covered by the buyers and it is also part of our job.

Hence you’ll also be assured you’ll have the best transparency in terms of viewings, price negotiations as we would still be acting in the best interest of our buyers.

Having a buyer agent for your transaction helps a lot to facilitate and also to handle the paperwork, does valuation via paid platforms and overall it allows buyers to make more informed decisions than going in the dark.

With another extra pair of eyes or an opinion or two, you’ll be relieved you find yourself also having alternatives to look at or someone to keep an eye on the market for you while you get busy.

So why not drop a text and we can converse and talk more about some of your concerns while we arrange some viewings at your convenience? All it takes is the first step forward
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