Handling HDB Flat Sale with a Deceased Owner

Handling HDB Flat Sale with a Deceased Owner

Navigating the process of selling an HDB flat involves several considerations, and in some cases, special procedures need to be followed, particularly when there's a deceased owner involved. Here's what you need to know if you're faced with selling an HDB flat where one of the owners has passed away, and how we can assist you through this process.

1. Initial Steps: If you're selling a flat where one of the owners has passed away, the first step is to visit your local branch office. Bring along the death certificate of the deceased owner. An appointment needs to be scheduled before visiting the branch office to facilitate the process. It's important to note that this step is essential to remove the deceased owner's name from the ownership of the flat.

2. Processing Timeline: The process of removing the deceased owner's name from the HDB flat ownership typically takes about one month. If the matter is considered urgent, it's advisable to communicate this to the relevant authorities. This timeline allows for the necessary administrative adjustments to be made.

3. HDB Ownership and CPF Matters: For sellers above the age of 55, who have a fully paid HDB flat and meet the Basic Retirement Sum (BRS) requirements, specific considerations come into play. After selling the flat, the proceeds, CPF, and Additional Income (AI) would be refunded. It's recommended to check with CPF for precise details, log in to get the statement, and scheduling an appointment before visiting their offices can facilitate a smoother process.

4. Double-Check Ownership Status: To ensure that the ownership status has been updated correctly after the removal of the deceased owner's name, log in to your HDB portal. This will provide a clear picture of whether the changes have been made. If the name has been successfully removed, you can proceed with your flat sale as per normal. If not, you may need to revisit the branch office with the death certificate to complete the process.

5. Joint Tenancy vs. Tenancy in Common: Understanding the type of ownership is crucial. If the flat is held under joint tenancy, the rights of the deceased owner automatically transfer to the surviving owner. If it's a tenancy in common arrangement, the ownership process might involve waiting for estate matters to be resolved before the flat can be sold.

In case of joint tenancy, the next owner inherits all rights. For tenancy in common, you might need to wait for estate matters. Log in to confirm and submit an intent to sell. If single ownership is possible, then you're good to proceed.

6. Consultation and Support: To ensure a seamless and hassle-free selling experience, our expert team is here to guide you through every step of the process. We offer consultation and assistance in dealing with specific scenarios like selling a flat with a deceased owner. We'll help you determine the best course of action and provide you with the right resources to proceed confidently.

If you're considering selling your HDB flat and need guidance, contact us today. Our knowledgeable team is ready to provide you with personalized assistance to make the selling journey a smooth one.

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