How Much CPF can I use to buy My Property

How Much CPF can I use to buy My Property

Thereย is not exactly a straightforward answer as there are several issues at play, the type of property, the age of the owners, and also the remaining lease.

To be on the safe side, the best way to go about it is to take the age of the youngest homebuyer, and to add the remaining lease. We have a policy to protect homebuyers, to make sure that we have a "place to stay" until 95, hence the age + remaining lease could cover till then.

Here's a table provided for easy reference, but you may also get more information from the CPF side. Do note that this is a estimate, it is best to get the numbers from the CPF website for latest details.

There are parts of the property purchase that CPF can't be use as payment such as:

  • Payment of booking, option fees
  • Payment of Resale levy
  • Payment of renovation/repair
  • Payment of monthly service and conservancy charges
  • Payment of non housing loan
  • Payment of purchase price that is ABOVE or LOWER the valuation price of property.
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