Navigating the Complex Landscape: HDB Resale Prices in 4Q2023

Navigating the Complex Landscape: HDB Resale Prices in 4Q2023

The final quarter of 2023 brought notable fluctuations in HDB resale prices across Singapore. Twelve towns witnessed a decline in average resale prices, with Bukit Timah leading the way with a substantial 10.4% drop, followed by the Central Area and Geylang.

HDB resale prices dipped as much as 10.4% q-o-q for some areas in 4Q2023

Contrasting Trends in Resale Prices:

  • Declines: Bukit Timah (-10.4%), Central Area (-8.6%), Geylang (-4.8%)
  • Minimal Changes: Toa Payoh (-0.4%), Queenstown (-0.7%), Marine Parade (-0.8%)
  • Growth Leaders: Tampines (4.9%), Ang Mo Kio (3.6%), Tampines (2.9%)

Flat-Specific Insights:

  • Room Type Gains: Four-room flats showed the highest growth at 0.7%, followed by three- and five-room flats at 0.6%. Executive flats rose marginally by 0.3%, while two-room flats increased by 0.1%.
  • Supply Dynamics: An influx of new flats due to the August Built-to-Order (BTO) exercise impacted resale prices. The BTO launches diverted buyers, creating increased competition.

Market Dynamics and Predictions:

  • Supply Decline: A sharp drop in the number of flats reaching their minimum occupation period may support resale prices in select towns.
  • Transaction Shifts: The proportion of five-room flats sold declined, while four-room flats' transactions increased. Sengkang, Punggol, and Woodlands emerged as the most popular towns.
  • Million-Dollar Flats: A record 134 million-dollar HDB resale flats were sold in 4Q2023, reflecting a growing trend.

Interpretation: The dip in HDB resale prices, particularly in prime locations, is attributed to increased competition from a surge in BTO launches. The shift in buyer preferences and a decrease in the supply of flats reaching their minimum occupation period are key factors influencing market dynamics. Despite the challenges, the market remains robust, marked by a record number of million-dollar transactions.

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In Summary:

  • Divergent trends in resale prices across Singapore.
  • Market impacted by increased BTO launches and changing buyer preferences.
  • Record number of million-dollar HDB resale transactions in 2023.

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Source: EdgeProp

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