Some advice on going about property rental now

Some advice on going about property rental now

In a real estate market where the expectations of landlords and tenants for rent have been diverging, and condo rents have been on the rise for 26 months in a row, there are several strategic steps that property investors can take to deal with this situation and optimize their investment returns:

  • Pricing strategy:
    It's essential to strike a balance between maximizing returns and avoiding vacancies and lost income that may result from setting rents too high.
  • Conduct market research:
    By comprehending the underlying factors driving the gap between landlord and tenant expectations, you can make well-informed decisions.
  • Consult with professionals:
    A real estate expert can assist you in navigating the market and offer advice on effective strategies to optimize your returns.

All in all, current rental market still remains positive for landlords; but we can see demand slowly down over time, however good properties which ideal location or acceptable prices still continues getting snagged up as generally housing is still in demand.

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