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Understanding Subsidiary Certificate of Title (SCT) for HDB Flats

So one of my client received a text from an officer, asking her to bring over a document called the SCT; it wasn't explained so it araised some confusion as googling didn't gave her any solution.

So I decided to write an article base on this recent question, as I feel it'll be useful.

Q: What is a SCT, and why does HDB ask me to bring it over?

A: A Subsidiary Certificate of Title (SCT) is a legal document that serves as evidence of your ownership of an HDB flat. It is typically released to you after you have fully paid off your mortgage, and your property title is discharged to you. HDB requests you to bring it over for several reasons:

  • To ensure proper documentation: HDB keeps records of property ownership to maintain accurate records of flat ownership.
  • To safeguard your interests: By holding your SCT, you have legal proof of ownership, which is crucial for any property-related transactions.
  • HDB will require you to collect the Subsidiary Certificate of Title (SCT) upon fully paying for your HDB unit

Q: What should I do if I cannot find or have lost my SCT?

A: It is essential not to lose or alter your SCT, as this document is a vital proof of ownership. If you've misplaced it or damaged it (including laminating it, which can render it invalid), you will need to reapply for a new SCT with HDB. The reapplication process typically takes around 3 to 4 weeks, and you may need to provide some documentation and pay a fee for the replacement.

Q: Do I have to bring my SCT to HDB personally, or can someone else do it on my behalf?

A: You have options when it comes to submitting your SCT to HDB:

  • You can personally visit HDB and submit the SCT. It's advisable to call and make an appointment to ensure a smooth process.
  • Alternatively, you can arrange with HDB or speak to a HDB officer via phone to discuss the submission.
  • You are also be able to appoint a trusted individual as your "representative" to submit the SCT on your behalf. Ensure that the representative has proper authorization and documentation to act on your behalf.

Your Subsidiary Certificate of Title (SCT) is a valuable document that secures your HDB flat ownership. Whether you need to submit it or replace a lost one, it's crucial to follow HDB's guidelines meticulously. For any queries or assistance regarding your HDB property, contact us today. We're here to ensure a smooth and secure property ownership journey.

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Mohd Noor, on your end are you taking bank loan or hdb loan? You might want to clarify with the HDB side; in some cases the people didn’t collect the title deed to risk losing it in the future should they require to give it back to HDB during sale

Ronnie Tan

During my purchasing my flat I was told that during the first month stay at ours new flats HDB will send us letters to collect ours purchasing deed as we paid full amount and after 3month staying at our new flat we don’t even received any letter about collecting purchasing deed and the only we received it only about our rental flat excess money they refunded back…so can your side tell me in detail so at least we know what go on tq

Mohd Noor

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