1953 Singapore New Launch District 8 Condo Shophouse

1953:a project worth looking at

For those who’ll like to buy into district 8, 1953 is definitely something you’ll have to take a look at before looking at something else. The unorthodoxy of the project might make mang not give 1953 a second look but I’d really like to second that and bring this project up once more. With the unique slanted layout, 1953 is often comparable with 77 at East Coast and I’m in love with something alittle different. Perhaps I’d seen too many traditional layout spaces, and I always like how the slanted layout does help in a certain division in space as they drew the other end out of our eye line.

1953 Singapore New Launch District 8 Condo Shophouse Location Map

Being the “underdog” property, its closeness to several niched amenities such as ground-up for rock climbing and bowling does make this project in my opinion bespoke and tailored to a certain lifestyle. For a freehold project, 1953 definitely stands up against any tests of times. With Piccadilly grand pumping up the hype of district 8, the city fringe district does have much more to gain than to lose. With the transformation that’s occurring everywhere in its vicinity, only made district 8 more attractive. 

1953 Singapore New Launch District 8 Condo Shophouse Facilities Leasehold Fatigue

Meanwhile being one of the few premium freehold projects over here, you are here to stay. Investment be it long or short have the absolute safety net against all test of time while you still get its lifestyle city fringe benefits. While many leaseholds do tend to have a head start in appreciation, we do however generally see a fatigue coming in at around after 15 years, when you could see where freehold properties tend to really shine. This is also where freehold properties have their perks when long term first-time owners can hold while compounding all the potential gains across the time. This safety net is something more of a bonus that I’d like to add, as home buyers I believe like to look for freehold properties to have that guarantee against time. 

1953 Singapore New Launch District 8 Condo Shophouse Connectivity

1953 currently is able to also offer a price, not from the current time as the current PSF transcends into the likes of $22XX and beyond. As this land is being bought from 2017; this was before the lands start seeing higher and more astounding prices, thus allowing 1953 to set themselves competitively with leasehold prices. 

1953 District 8 Transformation

As it’s not being really near to many schools I’d really like to add that this would be a good recommendation for young couples who wants to stay together while they build up their wealth to go for something bigger and more family-friendly in the future. Thus 1953 is a great first step for investment, as you can look at riding onto the appreciation and selling after, but the attractive entry quantum meant that you’re currently paying for leasehold at freehold price. Besides, we would be "buying into" 2 really huge upcoming transformation in the area nearby. The Novena transformation is looking to create a health city, creating a medical healthcare complex. While the Kallang transformation would see a change in the landscape, and injection of new homes and work places, breathing more life to this mature estate.

1953 Singapore New Launch District 8 Condo Shophouse 3 MRT Walking distance

Aside from that, I’d feel that this is perfect for families with older and more independent children. For children who are in their teens, parents would be more comfortable letting their children take longer walks outside as the MRT is a walk away (around less than 10mins). Also being a more centralised area, this also makes it a convenient home to come back to after a day out in the town area hanging out with friends. You'll find yourself nearer to the "purple line", with Boon Keng and Farrer Park MRT stations (both being North-East Line) flanking at each side, meanwhile, Bendemeer MRT Station (Downtown Line) would be alittle further right ahead. 

1953 Singapore New Launch District 8 Condo Shophouse

For the interiors, there are 3 collections that you can choose from, from the walk up heritage theme to the very sweet middle modern collection and the more luxurious penthouse collection. 

1953 Singapore New Launch District 8 Condo Shophouse

The heritage collection does boast a partial 7meters odd ultra-high ceiling where you own the whole single loading of the entire floor above the shophouse, from the front to back. The tradeoff, however, would be the lack of lifts for the heritage collection. As per to walk-up apartments, you get a very different kinds of properties compared to most, but 1953 stands out with its freehold tenure.

1953 Singapore New Launch District 8 Condo Shophouse

The penthouse and modern collection would be one of their kind, being contemporary while retaining the whole art deco look. From their tiles to the fittings, everything bare carefully chosen to be the perfect sweet spot in-between times. 

1953 Singapore New Launch District 8 Condo Shophouse Smart Home

The smart home features are definitely that you would love, from the keyless letterbox you the smart door, aircon and lighting. Combining with the smart home features would be the branded appliances and ware from Bosch and Groghe. However do note that the washer and dryer would be from Electrolux, which is definitely something more on the decent site. However, with the attractive price point how could one argue with this little trade-off right? 

Here is the site plan and facilities in 1953:

1953 Singapore New Launch District 8 Condo Shophouse Facilities

While the facilities are mostly common, with not much differences compared to mass market mega-development, 1953, does however have their own uniqueness to their own. From the double tier bicycle parking to its swimming pool and gym, they seem to cater to certain lifestyles of hipsters and artists alike who would appreciate the finer things in life and being different. It’s heritage walkway would be the 5-foot sheltered walkway across the retail stores which are being conserved across time.

1953 Singapore New Launch District 8 Condo Shophouse Sports

However, those who enjoy sports in the likes of soccer and futsal can find themselves fortunate as we are near a pitch and field. And also rock climber or bowler rejoice as you'll have these a stone throw away! To the weight lifters and the gym-goers, there's also Anytime Fitness, or you can try out the Forge if you'd like to switch things up abit. If these aren't your thing, why not try out some cross fits sessions at Enduro? With all these different sporting alternatives, this would definitely give most condos a run for their money when it comes to fitness and lifestyles. 

1953 Singapore New Launch District 8 Condo Shophouse

I could feel the vibe of this project would resonate strongly with young couples who’d love to be different, or to that of those who would like to have a place where they could also show their children something different. With its tall ceiling and eye-catching facade, you’ll definitely see your kid drawing something different during their art class compared to the rest of the obvious rectangular blocks. While not many could say “I stay in a shophouse”, this is something that I could also foresee couples who are the only child, wanting a place to stay with their parents. The art decor style is something worth reminiscing across times and there’s nothing to complain from its tall ceiling to the number of bathrooms. 

Even young couples and executives who are starting out would love these spaces as they felt like the best place to let our creative juice comes alive. From touring the museum district over the weekends to bouncing ideas at hipster cafes around the area, 1953 is a place where art comes alive. And what’s better than to have a place made literally for artists? 

It’s definitely better that you drive if you’re still looking to be out and about often, else this is a perfect sanctuary for work from home couples or families who like to enjoy the vibes. While there is some walking from its public transport back home to get used to, do remember for walk-ups that would mean carrying groceries up the flight of stairs. If you’re working out often, that would mean one regime more, however, if you don’t, that might mean that’s something you’ll have to get used to.

1953 Singapore New Launch District 8 Condo Shophouse

1953 is definitely one of the most unique projects out there that I really fell in love with and I’d like everyone to take a look if you’re looking for something different compared to the cookie counter mass-market modern properties out there.

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