CDL ranked the world's most sustainable real estate company

CDL Achieves Milestone as World's Most Sustainable Real Estate Company

Subheading: CDL Ranks 22nd on the 2024 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations List

In a groundbreaking achievement, City Developments Limited (CDL), a prominent Singapore-listed property group, has secured the 22nd spot on the esteemed 2024 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World list. This recognition marks CDL's 15th consecutive year on the Global 100 list, solidifying its status as the first Singaporean company to achieve this remarkable feat.

Key Points:

  1. Consistent Sustainability Leadership: CDL maintains its position as Singapore's most sustainable company globally for the sixth consecutive year.

  2. Noteworthy Ascent in Rankings: The company ascended from the 28th to the 22nd spot, signifying a commendable improvement across various sustainability metrics.

  3. Areas of Improvement: CDL's enhanced performance in critical areas includes energy efficiency, greenhouse gas reduction, water productivity, implementation of ESG-linked remuneration KPIs for management, talent attraction and retention strategies, and the establishment of a sustainable supply chain.

  4. CEO's Perspective: Sherman Kwek, CDL's Group CEO, expressed gratitude for the recognition, emphasizing the company's commitment to a climate-positive future. He highlighted CDL's ambitious goal to achieve net-zero status by 2030 through a strategic blend of innovation, collaboration, and sustainable practices.

Interpretation: CDL's impressive ranking underscores its unwavering commitment to sustainability, setting a global standard for real estate companies. The noteworthy ascent in the rankings reflects the company's proactive measures to address environmental, social, and governance (ESG) challenges. CDL's emphasis on a sustainable supply chain and talent management aligns with the global shift towards responsible business practices.

Call to Action: As stakeholders in Singapore's dynamic real estate landscape, it is crucial to stay informed about industry leaders and emerging trends. Connect with us to explore how CDL's sustainability practices impact the real estate market and discuss the broader implications for investors and homeowners.

Source: CDL Ranked the World's Most Sustainable Real Estate Company

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