Cheapest New Launch under $1m

Cheapest New Launch under $1m

This statement felt as much as something of the ancient as more and more properties fell out of the belt due to the rising prices. 1 bedders are almost no longer at such prices, and now these entry quantum are much sought after due to them being more affordable and accessible to property investors.

Here are some (11 at the point of writing), 3 projects that have 1 bedroom unit that is under the quantum of $1M that is definitely worth a look.

77 @ East Coast

77 @ East Coast New Launch Private Condo Singapore by

A lot of people might say that the slanted layout can come across as abit weird but I’d prefer to use the word unique. The slanted layout actually did abit of segmenting of the space, from the living to the bedroom and this in fact made the space abit more specialise to their own function, yet making the kitchen look bigger and more functional.

77 @ East Coast New Launch Private Condo Singapore by

For those who like bay window, this is definitely a project to pay attention to as this is what you get instead of the balcony. Some homeowners might have certain opinions about balconies and these indeed just double up as extra liveable space.


Mori New Launch Private Condo Singapore by

Located at district 14, Mori is certainly an undervalued gem that is overlooked by many. The loan to valuation ratio won’t be fantastic but the great for value space and PSF made Mori an excellent bang for buck!

Mori New Launch Private Condo Singapore by

The thin kitchen walkway might be something you’d need to look out for but after that, you’ll be greeted by the cosy exterior! And guess what? Mori is a freehold at leasehold price indeed! While they are not exactly near Aljunied MET, you’ll get a bus stop within 3 minutes walk.

The Florence

Florence Residences New Launch Private Condo Singapore by

If you’re into mega-developments and clubhouse living you definitely should take a look at Florence. Located at D19, the Hougang area, this huge project won't go unnoticed in the market. This project is near to the upcoming Hougang transformation as well, and the lack of supplies makes it the best quantum for entry to district 19.

Florence Residences New Launch Private Condo Singapore by

While the assortment isn’t something to scream about. The huge living room and balcony are; giving you options to have a comfortable 4 sitter alfresco dining options to extending it out via ziptrac.

With that, we had finished showcasing 11 units for $1 bedder under $1M

Here’s a matrix that I’d come out with to summarise these few units that you could consider.

77 @ East Coast Mori  The Florence Residences
Lifestyle 5/5 3/5 4/5
Investment (Tenure) Freehold Freehold 99 Years

(upcoming or current)

Yes No Yes
Size 506 sqft 495 sqft 484 sqft
Quantum fr $935k fr $973k fr $959k
Ranking 1) First 3) Third 2) Second

I personally would be picking 77, besides the really cosy bay window for me to read at, really love the lifestyle options where the artist in me could really thrive amongst the rest. I love the monochromic facade and I’ll definitely be flushing out shelves, turning my living room into an art gallery of sort.

That being said I’m also able to utilise the max LTV ratio to get this freehold property (compared to Mori). On top of it all the TOP date is December 2022 on paper! Which is the closest of all! And 7 is my favourite number so the stats definitely aligned for me for this one!

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The information are definitely accurate in it’s time of writing, for people who’d like to find out it’s current availability and prices, please reach out to us via WhatsApp to connect!

P.S. I was so in love with 77 @ East Coast that I decided to do a more extensive write up on it! Will share that soon 🤣
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