Deferred Payment Schemes at One Draycott attracts more Investors

Deferred Payment Schemes at One Draycott attracts more Investors

SDB Asia, the property development arm of Malaysia's Selangor Dredging, has unveiled groundbreaking deferred payment schemes (DPS) for its prestigious project, One Draycott. Located in the heart of District 10, this freehold boutique condo is already making waves in Singapore's real estate scene. Let's dive into how these innovative DPS options are reshaping luxury property ownership.

1. DPS for Completed Projects

SDB Asia's DPS is set to revolutionize the way buyers approach luxury property investments. Traditional payment structures require an initial 1% option fee, followed by 4% upon exercising the option, often accompanied by additional buyer's stamp duty (ABSD). The remaining 30% down payment follows within eight to 12 weeks, with the balance of 65% covered by mortgage payments.

2. Two Flexible DPS Options

SDB Asia offers two DPS choices for One Draycott:

  • Extended Sale Completion Period: Buyers pay a 1% option fee, followed by 9% upon exercising the option. ABSD, if applicable, is also due at this stage. The subsequent 25% down payment is deferred for six months (24 weeks), providing valuable breathing space for securing funds or loans.

  • Extended Option Exercise Period: With a higher upfront 5% or 10% option fee, buyers can extend their option exercise period by eight or 16 weeks, respectively. The subsequent 20% down payment follows within eight to 12 weeks.

3. Ideal for Diverse Needs

These DPS options cater to a wide range of buyer needs. Those awaiting funds from other investments or property sales can benefit from the extended periods. Additionally, buyers aiming to optimize ABSD payments or acquire property for their children will find these schemes highly advantageous.

4. No Price Variance

Notably, One Draycott does not impose a premium on DPS buyers, ensuring fairness and transparency in pricing. This is a rare and attractive feature in the luxury property market.

5. Lucrative Discounts

Currently, 30 units at One Draycott remain available for sale, featuring two-bedroom units and penthouses. SDB is offering an enticing $150,000 discount on selected units, making luxury living in this prime location more accessible.

6. Flexibility and Incentives

The DPS approach enables buyers to own a prestigious asset at One Draycott while enjoying ample time to sell their existing properties. This flexibility is crucial in a market characterized by higher ABSD rates and tightened borrowing limits.

7. Investment Opportunities

DPS buyers can choose to move in, rent out their units, and start collecting rental income after exercising the option. This flexibility offers a passive income stream and enhanced investment opportunities.

8. A Model for Luxury Living

One Draycott's DPS options are likely to set a precedent in the luxury property segment, providing buyers with more choices and breathing space in their payment plans.

Key Takeaways:

  • Innovative DPS options redefine luxury property ownership.
  • Flexible payment structures cater to diverse buyer needs.
  • No price variance for DPS buyers, ensuring transparency.
  • Lucrative discounts available on selected units.
  • Flexibility and incentives for property investment.
  • Passive income opportunities through rental yields.
  • A potential game-changer in luxury living.

Don't Miss This Opportunity!

One Draycott's DPS schemes offer you a chance to secure your dream home in one of Singapore's most prestigious neighborhoods. Contact us today to explore these innovative options and embark on your journey to luxury living at One Draycott. Your dream home is just a call away!


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