Hyll on Holland

Hyll on Holland write up

With the uprising property cost and also the lack of supplies, home buyers are forced to consider alternatives amongst the current stockpile, as the new ones would mean higher opening prices.

With each land parcel getting more and more expensive, district 10 still retains its prestigious most sought-after spot due to its proximity to amenities and schools. Over at Hyll, we are looking at 319 units tucked at the quieter side of Holland road.

Hyll on Holland

From the enbloc of Estoril and Hollandia, brings you this new luxurious freehold project. Being on the quiet side would mean less assessable to MRT, but I’d say for the likes of Hyll, the public buses aren’t shabby and are in fact something you might prefer as it’s just right by the project. The buses could get you to the central area well within 30 minutes and they are within 5mins away from Hyll, so what’s not to like? But do note that these are more suitable for a lazy afternoon tea as the roads could suffer from jams during peak hours.

Hyll on Holland

The bigger 700 sqft 2 bedder is going to be what most homebuyers would like and go for; having both size and space efficiency. The noir-oak decor isn’t new but it’s definitely something younger families and homeowners who love the darker tones might fall in love with.

The size is pretty decent but the highlights of some of the bedrooms are definitely the full-height windows like this one here. Giving it a touch of luxury and also the staycation vibes. Throw in a curtain of your choice you’ll get a good balance of comfort and privacy.

Hyll on Holland

However being on the quiet side also comes at a cost as there are no schools nearby within 1km, however, at least we got Fair Price and Cold Storage within the range of 1km. I’d feel that this is yet another property suitable for homebodies, or young couples who drives.

Made for homebodies, this posh noir dwelling is perfect for work-from-home personnel. However, being at home all day would also mean that you’ll be bound to face some noise pollution from the roads outside. That would be a concern for home buyers.

Hyll on HollandFacilities wise we have the huge 50m pool which is probably the biggest flex of the project. Coming down from that is the gym and also the green scape that embraces the project area. There’s also a spa and a play pool. While there is not much, this place felt like it’s made for more mature and quiet/soft-spoken wallflowers.

As a freehold, Hyll gives you great holding power over the years as you can see developments around the area going for enbloc. With more transformation around the area would definitely give Hyll some capital appreciation potential. While the size of the unit can be a concern for some, it felt like Hyll found itself a sweet spot between being a rental unit for tenants (with its huge pool of 2 bedders) and the perfect retreat for young couples who wants to get afew more years of honeymoon before upgrading to a bigger and more family-friendly space.

This should mostly sum up what’s great about Hyll for executives who are considering! So what do you think? Feel free to drop a text and reach out if you’re keen to learn more and connect

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