I decided to write about New Launch

I decided to write about New Launch

Looking at the new launches post on the internet just makes me feel alittle empty. No doubt that a lot of people are great at pushing the project. It's disappointing to see people copying and pasting the project description on their webpage. Most of them trying to pass themselves off as the developer themselves, preying on unsuspecting clients. We are technically the "developer sales team", but then again this grey area won't be something I'll like to pick on today. Well, why probe what works right? Everyone's happy. I figured I would personally write about the new launches if I'm working on it, instead of copying and pasting.

Singapore New Launch Copywriting Copying

I believe in connecting with the project, and connecting them with the right people in this sense. This sort of connection, albeit alittle spiritual makes me felt like how the right fit will be like.

Call it the perfectionist of an artist in me, but attempting to write would give the new launch a more unique and personal narrative, for each would have their own story and this would open minds and perspective. So why not? Not sure if anyone would bother to read something like this, but it is something that I felt is right to do, the type of content I'll love to create if I'm writing about real estate.

It's definitely not easy, after attempting Midwood. I was tempted to throw in technical and functional advantages, yet it is also important to strike a balance to show what aspects actually pulled my heartstrings. I'd learn to love different projects not to appeal to the number. But like people, each and everyone of them has something worth loving and writing for.

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