Lentor Modern Indicative Pricing and Timeline

Lentor Modern Indicative Pricing and Timeline

With a lot of interest garnering for the upcoming Lentor Modern, there are quite abit of questions. During the preview stage, we are able to view, check out the place and also hand in a cheque as an "indication of interest", which would allow you to ballot for a unit.

So, most of it are from first-time homebuyers who wonder about what comes after, and here is something to shed some light to:

Balloting: 14 Sept
Balloting will commence at showflat from 2pm on Wed (14 Sep). You will receive your ballot no on this day itself. So example, you receive #39, which means you are number 39 in the queue to choose the unit when it's your turn.

Booking day: 17 Sept
The Choosing of units would be on Sat (17 Sep). It would be more advantageous to have more units in your selection so as to have a higher chance to secure a unit. On this day, if you would like to swap cheques, do bring along your other cheque to do so.

Lentor Modern Indicative Pricing

That being said, we also have the indicative pricing for Lentor Modern, and it's something definitely to consider for homebuyers or investors. However, I do have to stress that there is a limitation for homebuyers with children looking for a good primary school due to the 1km proximity.

If you're looking for CHIJ, you're unfortunately 1.2km away, but the next land plot might be a more attractive one as CHIJ is well within 1km. Feel free to reach out if you have any queries you'll like to ask!


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