Midwood: Sanctuary of Hillview

Midwood: Sanctuary of Hillview

"Midwood is a great project"
"I know right, I don't understand why no one is buying now"
"Maybe it's not the right time"
"Yea, maybe. Let's wait and see"

My partner and I took up the Midwood project to market early this year. Things were going slow at first, the showflat is quiet. Then things picked up over time. Perhaps it's the delay of the BTO, the rising prices of the resale market, perhaps people started to see the beauty of Midwood more clearly.

The relative difference seems to have caught up and now Midwood looks like an 8 instead of a 6. And the project's been closing every day. Going at the speed of 10-20 closes a week, it was pretty crazy to see units being snagged up over this period of time.

All in all, is Midwood a good buy?
I'm no expert nor could I foresee the market or predict the future. But Midwood is definitely a great place for staying. Amongst the other project that's even relatively near the MRT station, Midwood's entry pricing is the most attractive Islandwide.

Moving forward from that, being next to a mall/ I think there is one of the more "practical things" that we can consider as we would be doing grocery shopping, of course, it'll be great if we have a supermarket that's a stone throw away. So enter HillV2, a decently sized mall that comes with essentials and eateries that'll satisfy your basic needs a stone throw away.

I looked at the ongoing construction from the showflat, in the evening. The sun was casting her glow across the forest of sanctuary, spilling across the asphalt like pouring paint. Growing up from the west side, this area resonated with me, that's also probably why I took upon this project to market as well.

The night over in Hillview is very different from the morning as well. Despite the morning sun and the fresh air, the night air felt somewhat refreshing but comes with a different type of cool. Not the bustle and the active "refreshing air" if you get what I mean. The kind where you get to wind down, the type of air that puts cities and towns to sleep. People going on in their soft chatter, the hues of the lights seem to have adjusted themselves to the night. It's a nice night for a heartwarming cup of coffee by Starbucks, while you pull out a book or a laptop to write. To snooze by the couch seat while you people watch the familiar yet unfamiliar faces that strode across the pavement.

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