Navigating HDB Rental Rules for PR Couples

Navigating HDB Rental Rules for PR Couples

As a PR couple considering renting out rooms in your newly acquired HDB unit, it's essential to understand the regulations governing your tenancy journey.

Understanding Resale HDB Rental Rules:

  1. Occupancy Requirement: As PRs, you're obliged to physically occupy the HDB unit before renting out any rooms.

  2. Restrictions on Additional Rooms: While you can rent out original rooms in the unit immediately after completion, any rooms added during the Home Improvement Programme (HIP) are exempt from this allowance.

  3. Compliance with HDB Guidelines: Ensure compliance with HDB regulations to avoid potential legal issues or penalties.


Navigating HDB rental regulations as PRs involves adhering to occupancy requirements and understanding restrictions on rented rooms. By staying informed and compliant, you can smoothly transition into the rental process.

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