Royal Hallmark Showflat District 15 New Launch Singapore

Royal Hallmark Showflat

A project from a different time, Royal hallmark gives off the vibe of St Junipero. For those who haven’t catch Black Mirror, St Junipero is a timeless safe haven. 

Royal Hallmark Showflat District 15 New Launch Singapore

With a prestigious build-up of only 32 units, buying into royal hallmark is akin to a form of royalty itself. And this freehold project is located in the heart of the landed enclave, with its interior caving inward, creating an inner cove-like feature with a lap pool yet blocking the view from the main road, thus giving the residents a touch of privacy.

The units here are decently sized as well, compared to the boutique development around District 15. Their 3 Bedroom Classic are from 797 sqft, and their 4 Bedrooms are from 1130 sqft. Within District 15, Royal hallmark is a great project for families as they are within 1km from numerous primary schools. This makes this project a great consideration for growing families when their children are growing up.

The freehold aspect, gives couples endless holding power as they could use this space for their retirement as well when their children grow up. This also allows this project suitable for different generations.

Royal Hallmark Showflat Rooftop District 15 New Launch Singapore

The small exclusive project would only give me the vibes of a very bounded committee of MCST members and that would also mean close-knitted neighbours and a family-like community who’d look out for each other across generations. 

Location is also great for Royal hHallmark as the Dakota MRT station is 10mins walk away. Also not forget 2 more stations that are still under construction.

For families who are looking to enjoy the lifestyles in District 15 yet are unsure about boutique developments, Royal Hallmark would’ve been here to fill in the niche with their huge space.

I’ll like to share abit more about the show flat site, this being a very great communal 4 bedder home.

Royal Hallmark Showflat Kitchen District 15 New Launch Singapore

With a semi-open kitchen, the island kitchen top oversees the whole living and balcony area, allowing parents to supervise their children while they prepare the food. I can foresee knocked down the wall of the nearest room playing the role of an open play space for children or even mahjong gatherings during festive seasons.

Royal Hallmark Showflat Balcony District 15 New Launch Singapore

The balcony is cozy enough to give an airy touch of the living area, and it’s ideal for more idyllic activities like reading and writing.

The other 2 bedrooms are ideal for families with 2 to 3 kids, as the knocked down space could be converted back to a room when the 3rd kid grew up and is in need of privacy. Adding a mobile screen would help open or even close up the space, making the home more adaptable to the family than the other way round.

Royal Hallmark Showflat District 15 New Launch Singapore

With its very opening and welcoming living and dining area that seemingly share the same space with the balcony, this is perfect for close-knitted family who spent a lot of time together, thus optimising the large space.

Royal Hallmark Showflat District 15 New Launch Singapore

The master bedroom features a flushed wardrobe while the bathroom features a long sink. This is ideal for working couples when they are doing their morning routine together. Now no have to race to the sink no more. With its large walkway on either side despite having a king-size bed, this master bedroom gave much room for functional living as the ample walk space would only mean more seamless and comfortable living.

With that, I’d say that St Junipero is one of its kind, like Royal Hallmark; it’s something that transcends time and generation. While the latter doesn’t come with a hefty price tag compared to larger District 15 units. For growing families definitely do give Royal Hallmark a go! I would be more than happy to help make arrangements to check out the show flat.

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