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Shifting Condo Unit Sizes: A Comprehensive Analysis

In Singapore's space-constrained housing landscape, condo unit sizes have evolved over the past two decades to strike a balance between space constraints and buyer preferences. A recent analysis of transacted condo units sheds light on changing trends and their implications, and I decided to recreate a shorter summary for homeowners to digest:

average median sizes of transacted condo units by market segment

Key Observations:

  1. Overall Contraction in Unit Sizes: Condo sizes have generally decreased over the years due to factors such as smaller households and affordability.
  2. Pandemic-Driven Shift: Interestingly, the pandemic sparked a preference for slightly more spacious units, possibly influenced by work-from-home needs.
  3. Newer vs. Resale: Newer condo developments tend to offer smaller units compared to resale ones. Buyers seeking larger spaces often opt for resale units.
  4. Regional Variations: The Rest of Central Region (RCR) hosts the smallest condo units, influenced by Geylang's numerous transactions of small units.
  5. North and West Regions: Condo units in these regions tend to have larger median sizes, catering to multi-generation families.

average median sizes of transacted condo units by region

Implications for Homebuyers:

  • Compromise on Age: Buyers seeking larger units might need to consider older resale developments rather than newer ones.
  • Median Size Decline: As newer units enter the resale market, median sizes of resale units may decrease, affecting future homebuyers.
  • Opportunity for Larger Units: Developers could focus on building larger units, ideal for larger families, in family-oriented neighborhoods or near schools.

Choosing the Right Region:

  • North and West: Larger condo units are available here, appealing to large families. Upcoming developments like the Jurong Region Line add value.
  • North-East: More budget-conscious buyers might find affordable options in this region.
  • Central: Compact homes might suit those seeking efficiency and convenience.

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