Singapore Private Housing Market: Slower Price Growth Amid Uncertainties

Singapore Private Housing Market: Slower Price Growth Amid Uncertainties


In a world where the real estate market is dynamic and constantly evolving, keeping a close eye on trends is vital. Singapore's private housing market has seen its share of ups and downs, with multiple factors influencing the price movements. In this article, we explore the recent developments and what they mean for buyers and sellers in the private housing market.

Private Housing Prices Show Signs of Stabilization

According to the latest data from the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), private housing prices in Singapore experienced a slight upswing in the third quarter of 2023, with a 0.8% quarter-on-quarter increase. This marks a turnaround from the 0.2% decline in the previous quarter, indicating a welcome shift in momentum. However, this growth is more subdued compared to the robust performance in 2022, where prices soared by an average of 2.1% per quarter.

Factors Behind the Price Movements

Several key factors have contributed to these price changes:

  1. Balanced Supply and Demand: Experts suggest that Singapore's private residential market is beginning to find equilibrium between supply and demand. Buyers are taking more time to make decisions, resulting in a moderated growth trend.

  2. Regional Disparities: The price growth in the third quarter was largely driven by the non-landed segment, particularly in the Outside Central Region (OCR). Condos in the OCR led the charge, with a substantial 5.5% quarter-on-quarter increase. Conversely, prices in the Core Central Region (CCR) and landed properties faced declines, attributed to higher Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty rates impacting foreign buyers.

  3. Landed Property Performance: Landed homes witnessed a 3.6% decline in the third quarter, marking the first quarterly drop since 2Q2021. Although prices remain positive year-to-date, the growth rate has significantly slowed compared to the previous year.

Private Home Sales Volume Declines

Sales volumes of private homes have seen a dip, with 1,946 new private homes sold in the third quarter of 2023. This represents an 8.5% decrease from the previous quarter and an 11% drop compared to the same period last year. It's important to note that despite an increase in the number of units launched, the primary home sales for the first nine months of 2023 are the lowest since 2016, suggesting a more cautious buyer sentiment in the market.

Rental Market Experiences Slower Growth

The private housing rental market, which has been on a growth streak, witnessed a slowdown in the third quarter of 2023. Rents rose by a modest 0.8% quarter-on-quarter, a significant drop from the rapid growth experienced earlier in the year. This can be attributed to a higher number of completions outpacing demand, leading to an increase in the vacancy rate.

What Lies Ahead

The private housing market is expected to face a multitude of challenges in the coming months:

  • Cooling measures, an uncertain economic outlook, and rising interest rates are expected to dampen buyer demand.

  • A growing mismatch in buyer-seller expectations may impact sales volumes.

  • Abundant new supply is expected to ease rental prices, with potential moderation in expatriate demand.

Summary with Highlights (Point Form):

  • Q3 2023 saw private housing prices increase by 0.8%, indicating signs of market stabilization.

  • Regional disparities were evident, with OCR and RCR areas experiencing price growth while CCR and landed properties faced declines.

  • Sales volumes dipped, reflecting cautious buyer sentiment and economic uncertainties.

  • The rental market experienced slower growth, mainly due to an increase in completions.

  • In the coming months, cooling measures, economic uncertainties, and high-interest rates are expected to influence the market.

  • Developers may delay project launches, impacting sales activity.

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