Singapore New Launch Mayfair Gardens Mayfair Modern

The Mayfair Collectives with Virtual Tour

I decided to dedicate this week to creating some content regarding the Mayfair collective where homeowners or potential investors could take another second look.

With Piccadilly being a hot-selling project with their 1 bedders and 2 bedders fully sold out by the afternoon could only mean that investors are now relooking at their options.

Locating at the edge of district 21, the Mayfair collectives. Being priced really competitively yet giving them an edge over the more premium pricing at district 9/10/11, Mayfair is situated in the area amongst the Bukit Timah planning/transformation.

Singapore New Launch Mayfair Gardens Mayfair Modern

Labelled as the Heritage enclave, the Modern collective not only allows you to get that breath of fresh morning forest air but is also a great place to be close to nature while still getting that connectivity with its infrastructure.

Its location would also mean that we have a lot of good schools to choose from, making it an ideal place for small families or rentals for more independent students. This project could also be something more affluent families could go for to give their children a go at a better education environment. With King Albert Park (KAP) being the upcoming interchange, this would only reinstate the whole "Location, Location, Location".

Some of the notable eats would include the family friend fast food that caters to all age groups, Burger King which opens till 12 AM, later than most average eateries, and also the Cold storage, which would likely be the most convenient choices to swing by to grab groceries (till 10 PM). On the lifestyle side, they do have BFF Climb, Tanglewood music school and an array of educational and learning centres.

Singapore New Launch Mayfair Gardens Mayfair Modern

There are still 1 to 4 bedders that are amazing options that suit everyone. From investors to families, both of the Mayfair collectives offer an attractive price and its proximity to the MRT station not only made it the best bang for buck, being located next to the Future Cross Island Interchange is definitely the next big thing.

Singapore New Launch Mayfair Gardens Mayfair Modern

I'll be attaching a Mayfair Modern list for reference.

At the moment of writing, here are the following available at both projects:

Mayfair Gardens:
1+S (570sqft) @ $1,191,000
2Br (818sqft) @ $1,660,000
2Br (764 sqft) @ $1,766,000
Penthouse (1647 sqft) @ $3,328,000

Mayfair Modern:
1Br (517sqft) @ $1,176,000
1Br (624 sqft) @ $1,271,000
2+ S (4 units left) from $1,884,000
4BR (2 units left) from $2,792,000


Singapore New Launch Mayfair Gardens Mayfair Modern

Virtual Tours would also be provided below so feel free to check them out!

Mayfair Gardens Virtual Tours

Mayfair Gardens 1+ S Virtual Tour

Mayfair Gardens 3 Bedder Virtual Tour

Mayfair Modern Virtual Tours

Mayfair Modern 2+S Virtual Tour

Mayfair Modern 4 Bedder Virtual Tour

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