Watergardens at Canberra New Launch Condo Singapore

Watergardens: a project worth looking at

Firstly, let me ask you some questions. Would you consider being near to MRT a premium? How about being in the area filled with exciting developments from the URA master plan?

Watergardens at Canberra New Launch Condo Singapore Location

A joint development with some of the most reputable developers you can rest assured that The Watergardens is a great buy. And here are some pointers that I'll like to share before talking alittle bit more in depth!

  • Very attractive entry price in the market at the moment with projects near MRT
  • Huge project with multiple amenities area, segmenting the different area of the project
  • Childcare Center with parking planned for child care user (12 lots)
  • 5 side gates one at the back leading to Sembawang Shopping Centre
  • 1:1 vehicle parking lot even though it’s near MRT 
  • Most units have windows in the kitchen


Amenities: Shopping Centres & MRT

Canberra Plaza

You’ll be getting some of the best lifestyle elements for the amenities over here. I’m talking about the likes of the new Canberra Plaza that had generated quite a buzz. Connected directly to the MRT station, this is the best place to pick up some groceries before coming back home!

From Daiso to NTUC, you can even grab party wares or containers from SKP

With decent grooming services and dining options, this is also a place to look out for! Aside from the usual choices like McDonald’s and KFC, there are some notable mentions are A&W and Starbucks! You can also go for some comforting hot kopi and toast at Yakun or some old school comfort bakery at Swee Heng

Sembawang Shopping Centre

Giant and Watons are here if you need any extra groceries option and Sembawang Shopping Centre also comes with a huge array of dining options that you can go for! From different cuisine around the world, we also have more mainstream and affordable dining options like Aston’s, Burger King, Chicaboo. To add not one but two little sweet cherry on top of the lifestyle option, there’s a YAMAHA music school and also anytime fitness is here as well!

For The Watergardens, we have 2 Primary Schools within 1km for your consideration, with Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School and Yishun Primary School being a 7 minutes walk away and Sembawang Primary School at alittle under 1km away.


Home layout/stacks

Watergardens at Canberra New Launch Condo Singapore Bedroom

At the point of writings the 2 bedders are almost all snagged up, leaving us with 3 and 4 bedders. So I would like to share some of the best stacks out there for you guys to consider! The remaining 2 bedders are not too shabby as they are considered a very attractive entry.

Here are some pointers in general to share:

  • Great size bedrooms in general
  • Penthouse with 4.5m height
  • 4 bedders extra build in fittings
  • For 4 bedder the kitchen has separate washer & dryer 

3 Bedrooms:

Watergardens at Canberra New Launch Condo Singapore 3 Bedroom Stack

Stack 56: Nearest to MRT and Side Gates

Despite being road facing, these is not the stack with the worse views as some are facing right next to other developments. 

Right across the road would be the MRT station and do note that there would be a development right across the road which could serves as a noise buffer for the MRT. The road right outside currently only serves a small handful of estate, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issues.

Even though this won’t be classify as the worst stack, the price tag gave 56 a reason to go for together with the proximity the ingress and side gates. This stack is both convenient and low quantum! Let’s just hope you and your family members are heavy sleepers.

Stack 68: Quiet facing

Stack 68 is something that is a stark contrast compared to 56. Located at the side of the project, 68 is near some less notable amenities. Being tucked in the corner would mean that you’ll have a less intrusive place compared to central stacks. That would also mean you’re away from the noise as well. This quiet facing is picked up as its premium is still justifiable at the time of writing. With a tiny fragment of premium to keep the noise and crowd at its bay, the price of peace isn’t a hefty one and 68 is definitely something you can consider.


4 Bedrooms

Watergardens at Canberra New Launch Condo Singapore 4 Bedroom Stacks

Block 41: Stack 40 & 42

In my own opinion, I feel that Block 41 is one of the better blocks for families. Not only are you tucked away at the back with your own personal side gate, but you’re also coupled with unblock views amongst the landed enclaves. 

Watergardens at Canberra New Launch Condo Singapore 4 Bedder Penthouse

I would consider Block 41 to be the wallflower of this development of the 16 stacks of 5 storeys. You’ll have ample privacy while being within walking distance to amenities as well. Even though one of the cons might be it is the distance from the MRT that you might have to consider. But if you’re looking at getting some privacy from the crowd of 400 over households, Block 41 is definitely something you can look into. Coupled with the high ceiling, would give your 4 bedroom a very luxurious touch as well!



Moving forward I’ll like to touch on the transformation that is going to impact (positively) this project. The URA looking to transform Singapore to be a better version of its previous self every day, making Singapore a country of countless opportunities. The northern region will never be forgotten by URA as they do have some exciting developments to unveil there.


Watergardens at Canberra New Launch Condo Singapore URA Transformation Bukit Canberra

Bukit Canberra definitely would be the most popular kid on the block with countless new amenities from a polyclinic, senior care centre, hawker centre, swimming pools, and an indoor sports hall! Be ready to expect an array of options aside from the modern shopping malls when you get marts and Hawker centres that cater to a more generation friendly crowd.

Watergardens at Canberra New Launch Condo Singapore URA Transformation Sembawang Shipyard

Sembawang shipyard area would also be repurposed to a mixed-use waterfront precinct that features both work and lifestyle. You can imagine the likes of Gillman barracks being repurposed, breathing new life into the environment and surroundings. This would definitely offer more lifestyle and even waterfront living opportunities to residents in the North. That is definitely not all, but you can read the whole plan for the Northern Development on the URA website.

 Watergardens at Canberra Pool View

Thank you for reading till the very end of my write up, while this is something that I’d created and would love to share, I’d also created a brochure in collaboration with a friend where we partner to market this amazing project together. Please to kindly reach out for an exclusive brochure to be sent to your WhatsApp if you’re keen! 

While this is also simply just my opinion, I’m always up for a banter if you’d like to share with me what you think. I’ll also be more than happy to make arrangements for you and your family to physically check out the show flat. Feel free to reach out via WhatsApp to connect!

🙋🏻‍♂️ Ronnie Tan

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