Roncasa Roadmap

Roncasa Roadmap

I'm pleased to share that I had found a place in my heart for the realtor in me. I love storytelling, listening, exploring narratives and connecting with people and this has always been the part that made me continue to be the realtor I am today.

And today I'd decided to take a step forward to not just create my own brand, but also create several tools, resources and write-ups that could help potential homeowners and prospects on their real estate journey.

I'd like to share the Roadmap of Roncasa and how I'd like to move forward as a Content Creator in Real Estate.

I'll be building up a website that I'd not just document my realtor journey, but also be looking to build a platform where homeowners could use, read and also learn more about Real Estate.

Upcoming Content
New Launch Blog
Featured/Curated Collective
More Tools & Calculator

Social Media:
I'll also be focusing on some short and simple video content that I'll be uploading on Instagram and possibly Tiktok.

These contents would mainly be Real Estate related and I'll be looking to archive all the projects there that I'll pin up as highlights.

As a storyteller, podcaster and artist, I believe in more. And I'll like to help you find the perfect property for your unique narrative.

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