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Ronnie Tan Roncasa

Hello, I’m Ronnie Tan, an artist, a travel writer, content creator and an entrepreneur. I’m also among other things, a Realtor. I'd like to share my own personal passion projects to you, so you can know abit more of who I am.

Roncasa is a combination of my name, Ronnie, and the word casa from the famous phase: "mi casa es su casa".

Likewise I would treat your home purchase as precious as mine as I'll be here to go through your real estate journey together with you. From understanding your needs to eventually discovering your dream home.

Come drop me a text to connect, and let's find the perfect property for your narrative.

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    I'm a travel content creator that does travel writing & vlogging.

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  • Podcast

    I do one-take podcasts about mental health, self improvement and personal growth!

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  • Art Portfolio

    As a self taught artist, I dabble in different medium of art, from photography to paintings and crafts!

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Your Property Journey

What I can help you with

Accessing Your Needs & Wants

This would be our first few sessions when I get to know you and also see what you're looking for and maybe cross out projects along the way.

It'll come with a free property review and consultation to help crunch numbers and share with you options viable for you and your family.

Buying/Selling Property

Alongside with 1), I would also be here to help you manage your finance and your timeline

Rental Property

For landlords, my service also do includes helping to rent out your property! For tenants I'll love to help you look for a suitable property for your needs.

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